How to Fix a Sagging Door: Experts Suggestions

Doors that sag are a prevalent problem in both older and newer homes. They can become a cause of irritation if not handled. Sagging doors may be fixed by yourself with a few tools and effort.

Our step-by-step instruction will help you adjust your door so it opens and closes effortlessly. Quick FHS handyman services in Dubai is ready to assist you to fix a sagging door. 

Fix a Sagging Door

What Causes Sagging Doors?

A sagging door is one that tilts at an angle, most commonly from the hinge side. This misalignment might cause the door to scrape against the door frame, making opening and closing difficult. The top hinge is frequently the root of the problem, as screws can loosen or wear out over time. Here’s how to solve it.

Tools and Materials You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Cordless drill with driver bits
  • Five-in-one tool or wood chisel
  • Hammer
  • Scrap piece of wood
  • Sander
  • Metal file or sandpaper


  • 3 x 1-1/2-inch screws
  • 1 x 3-inch screw
  • 3 coarse-thread screws
  • Door hinge

Step by Step Guide to Fix a Sagging Door

Step 1: Tighten Existing Hinge Screws

Begin by tightening all of the screws in the top hinge using a cordless drill or manual screwdriver. Tighten the screws on both the door and the jamb sides. Take care not to overtighten, since this might harm the wood.

Step 2: Remove Hinge Spacers

Check for any spacers under the hinge. Remove the hinge by unscrewing it if you locate a spacer. Remove and remove the spacer before reattaching the hinge. Check the door to check whether the problem has been fixed.

Step 3: Add New Hinge Screws

If tightening the present screws does not cure the problem, replace them with 1 1/2-inch screws. For improved grip, try using screws with a coarser thread.

Step 4: Replace Hinge Screw with 3-Inch Screw

Replace one of the top-hinge screws with a 3-inch long screw for an efficient repair. This will assist in bringing the hinge and door frame closer to the underlying stud. Take the following steps.

  • Remove all three screws from the hinge on the side of the door jamb.
  • Use the cordless drill to drive a 3-inch screw into the center hole of the hinge.
  • Replace the other two screws in the top and bottom positions.

Step 5: Remove Paint From Under Hinge

Check for any paint accumulation under the hinges. To remove the collected paint, use a five-in-one tool or a wood chisel. The idea is to reveal the naked wood while removing as little material as possible.

Step 6: Sharpen Scraping Tool

Sharpen the blade of your scraping instrument with a metal file or sandpaper if it requires it. A sharp tool will make removing paint and re-aligning the door simpler.

Step 7: Tighten Top of Door Jamb

Drive a 3-inch screw into the top of the door jamb on the latch side if the door still sticks after adjusting the hinge. This will assist to secure the door jamb and prevent it from drooping further.

Step 8: Bend Back Top Hinge (if necessary)

If the door remains misaligned, lightly tap the top hinge’s three knuckles with a hammer. Be careful not to bend them too far, since this might cause more alignment concerns.

Step 9: Sand Top Edge of Door

Sand the door’s top edge by hand or using an orbital sander. Sand the scuffed areas gently until the door can open and close without rubbing against the frame.

Step 10: Sand Top Section of Door Jamb

Similarly, sand the top of the door jamb where it meets the door. This will assist the door in adjusting to its natural slant.

Step 11: Install a New Hinge

Consider replacing an outdated hinge if it is the root of the problem. If required, you can replace a single hinge or all three.

You may efficiently repair a sagging door and enhance the operation of your home by following these instructions. If you ever require expert handyman services in Dubai, know that Quick FHS is only a phone call or email away at +971581121182 or

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